Offertory Tip Jar

This cute little tip jar box is a miniature version of an offering shrine like they have them stand in front of Japanese temples. I found this wooden box in the uber-cool Japanese Public House Rajio in Vancouver on West 10th in West Point Grey.

Japanese Tip Jar in Vancouver

The words say: Offertory. At least that’s what my Japanese friend Naomi said.



A relaxing cup of coffee? Spain is joking about Madrid2020

Madrid had high aspirations to host the Olympics 2020. Now, the presentation of the city in Buenos Aires was a pure joke with the Spanish team of presenters making fools of themselves in front of the world. The extremely unpopular mayoress Ana #Botella revealed herself as an inspired Spanglish-Speaker.

But that wasn’t the reason why Madrid was dismissed in the casting. It is more the overall fragile state of the country with its corruption cases and high unemployment rates.


Join the Spanish Social Media-Community to see how they celebrate their city’s defeat in a self-ironic way.



Cash for Karma

Went to have a delicious Spanish #Cortado in #Berlin. This Prenzlauer Berg coffee shop was quite esoteric but did not refrain from blackmailing its clients. This tipjar says: For Good Karma! I spilled some sugar and owner made fun of me…”This is NOT good Karma for you!” He was furious too because I ran out of change and could not tip at all. What you think. Can money buy good karma?

Religious blackmailing: For Good Karma

Religious blackmailing: For Good Karma